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Wed, Jun. 4th, 2008, 12:50 am
just another day

i've never seen ironworkers run like that.

today is like one of many. i show up a little late. not much, a few minutes. i partner up with mario. this older mexican journeyman. he's funny. most iron workers are.

he's always talking about his problems with his wife. i guess they don't along. anyway, we're working on one line. just bolting-up some up and ups and through and throughs. this line is all kinds of fucked up.

we spend until lunch on two points. it seems like i haven't done much all day. i spent forever looking for a 3 ton come-a-long. i found one and take it back up to p2. mario and i set it up and proceed to pull the beam to north so we can line up our holes. out of nowhere i hear the biggest fucking boom i have ever experienced.

one of the raising gangs were christmas treeing two girder beams to the p7 between five and six line. i don't know exactly happened. i didn't see it. i heard and felt it. i don't know if the choker got snagged on piece of iron shearing a strand or it just gave out. what i do know is the around 4 to 8 feet of the choker started parting and those two beams came down. hard.

all i remember is it sounded from the east. i was driving in a pin when i felt the iron shake. everyone in the job site must have looked over. the place went silent. i stood up to see if i could a better view.

the only thing i can see is the jib of the crane bouncing up and down with the remnants of a steel choker swinging in the air. i look below and see the decking foreman running. soon everybody starts fucking booking it. rodbusters, welders, plumb up. doesn't matter. you don't ask why everyone is running. you drop everything and sprint.

they must have thought precast segments were coming down. just like dominoes. one takes out the next until you hit bottom. it's happened before.

i look over at mario and say, "let's get the fuck off the iron."

the way the cranes were bouncing, it could have tipped over backwards. falling straight towards us. just as bad would have been snapping a guy line . taking parts of the structure with it. all kinds of shit could have gone wrong. the good thing is it didn't.

nobody got hurt. just like last month, a podium side crane snapped it's load line while flying up a column, 200 feet of load line came with it. twice lucky. no deaths or injuries.

las vegas, nevada. home the city center project. a muti-billion dollar business venture. it reminds me of stories of the great depression. an ironworker was lost for every million dollars spent. they say history repeats itself.

today the AFL-CIO called a picket of the city center. citing unsafe working conditions. everything dogged off. the job-site shuts down.

i can predict the outcome of this. everybody is going to go back to work. at most the picket will last through tomorrow.

in the end everybody bows to money over safety. the numbers just work out better that way. i guess we could tell that to the family of the oilier who just got smashed, or to the kids of the safety guy who went into the hole the time before that.

then again, i could be wrong.

in the end, mario and i go back to work. my beater in my hand we make all the points but one.

sometimes it's beyond bolt-up.

Tue, Apr. 15th, 2008, 06:39 pm

How old were you?

Where did you go to school?

Where did you work?
por favor(mexican restaraunt)

Where did you live?
la mesa,cali

Where did you hang out?
taco shop, mt merit, the block,

the occasional house party

Who were your best friends?
brenden, brodie, kev, rene, leo

How was your hair style?
i think it was called a step cut.

Did you wear glasses?

Who was your regular-person crush?
i was kinda shy so i had lots.

How many tattoos did you have?

How many piercings did you have?

What car did you drive?
light blue 84 cadillac coupe de ville

What was your worst fear?
i guess talking to girls

Had you been arrested?
no, i have skills like that

Had you had your heart brokeen?

Were u Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter?


How old are you?

Where do you work?
im bolting up structual steel that going to be a parking garage for a casino on the strip...yes i am ninja status. union iron worker local 229.

Where do you go to school?
the union hall where i take classes is in clairmont, ca

Where do you live?
las vegas, nevada

Where do you hang out?
border's bookstore, vegas cue club, the strip, treasures for thirsty thursdays, cheetas but lately i've been clubbin at pure and prive.

Who are your best friends?
same as above with a few new additions.

Do you wear glasses?

What is your hairstyle?
long, mid back, usually in a navajo bun. sometimes braided.

Still talk to any of your old friends?
of course

Who is your current interest?
i plead the fifth. :)

How many piercings?
still zero

How many tattoos?
still none.

What kind of car do you have?
black 86 300E mercedes-benz. old car, new blood.

What is your biggest fear?
i used to put losing the ability to read but i really don't know. maybe being alone and forgotten.

Has your heart been broken?
sort of but mostly no

single ;)

Wed, Nov. 28th, 2007, 05:57 pm
a tall person

lol, i first met this person at tae kwon do. she was the senior belt for the la posta tae kwon do. back then advanced belts equaled a yellow belt. gee that just seems forever ago. she would yell out orders in that screechy voice of hers. some people would listen. some wouldn't. now she's a red belt or something. she has the best tkd face. i don't know whether to be scared or just bust out laughing.

she was still a little kid back then. innocent to the world. lol or so i think. i loved her glasses. they made her look a little nerdy but you know. geeky cool. i think she was a yellow belt when i meet her. i don't remember when i first talked to her but eventually we started chatting it up on yahoo messenger. she was my buddy when i was stuck on the mountain with a shitty job and broken car. so i was on livejournal and yahoo messenger a lot. i guess that's when i first really got to know her. having debates over the existence of god and all that. usually we ended up agreeing to disagree. sometimes i told her stuff that would prolly be filed under t.m.i. the usual response to those remarks was "ewww mikey gross." haha.

oh yeah, one chat session i asked what she looked for in a guy. she had just gotten back form some church camp place and had all these rules in mind. i only remember one of them. he hasta love god as much as he loves her. or something along those lines. i wonder if she still remembers all the rules she told me.

at first this was the extant of us hanging out other than tkd. then she became my thursday night drinking buddy. good times. i forget how we got started on those but they lasted for a while. us getting buzzed and talking about stuff i don't even remember myself. one thursday i showed her my secret spot on the hill behind the blue store. i found it one night looking for reception on my phone. it's a big rock over-looking the acorn area. you can almost everything. she was the only person i showed.

it was pretty fun that night. it was all pitch black darkness. kinda like a night hike. you had to walk a ways so we used our cell phone lights to guide us. it was a pretty big rock so i helped her up. we drank our beers and chatted. she was scared to climb down. haha, good times.

her 19th b-day was a blast. it was at the bitter end. this was the first time i saw her inner drunken ninja come out. everyone piled into her older brother's big ass truck to go clubbing. when we got to the bar i ordered two liquid cocaine's. one for me and one for her. she downs both of them like a maniac. haha. lotsa dancing. lotsa drinking. good times all round.

i live in vegas now so i won't be able to kick it with her as much. doesn't matter. she is still first on my drunk dialing list. not to mention she can kick your ass. the tallest person i know...charity.

Mon, Nov. 26th, 2007, 08:52 pm
new town

guess what???

i moved to the city of sin.

construction is booming...and i don't have a job. haha. i got one right away but failed my drug test. f'ing thc and my low will power. oops. live and learn.

i'm living with one my relatives til i get a job. i was staying with my pops for a bit but he got mad and kicked me out. oh well. jr said he'd ask his foreman if they needed any more apprentices. fingers crossed-ness.

my b-day was last friday. jr and i proceeded to get drunk at the many fine establishments here in vegas. after much drinking i wandered into one the bathrooms in hard rock
cafe to pass out in a stall. lol. jr had to slap me repeatedly to wake me up. i remember thinking "someone is slapping me...hard...prolly jr." i open my eyes and fall onto the floor. i crawled away from under the stalls laughing. long story short. i had a blast.

other than that. vegas reminds of phx, az. a flat valley surrounded by mountains. oh yeah, it's hecka dirty in some places. i live in henderson right now. right next to the i-15in section 8 housing. ghetto-ness is not bad.

the library is down the street which is cool.

money is tight right now. more like non-existent. i'm not too worried. i just got to hold out til i'm money'd up.

the books i've finished reading lately are the four agreements, keeping heart on pine ridge and the way of the peaceful warrior. i started reading unlimited power, the warrior women and think and be rich.

i've played texas hold'em a few times here. i have a net loss of $11.50 over 12 hours of play. not bad but definitely not good.

i haven't met anyone new yet. i haven't gone out much.

take care kids.

much love,
"edgewater" ninja

Tue, May. 15th, 2007, 02:19 pm
an entry called relapse

im at the travel place right now. it charges an arm and a leg to use their internet. it's supposed to be like $20 an hour but the lady for some reason only charges me $5-10 an hour....still expensive as fuck. oh well. i've moved down to chula vista and i don't even remember the last time i signed into lj. i went to the darkside...myspace is like crack. downtown cv is pretty cool. i can climb onto my roof and do all kinds cool stuff. i bought a slingshot from the cinco de mayo festival on april 29. i had some fun with it before yoked out richard broke it. why the hell does chula vista celebrate cinco de mayo in april? anyway...life is good. i've been in the ironworkers apprenticeship for a little over a year and a half now. it's pretty cool. i just got done with a week of school for metal buildings and precast 1. this was by far the worst week of school yet...okay maybe not. instead of a nice cool week of school in air conditioned class rooms. not to mention the nice lunches at dream girls for $9 pitchers of beer and free hamburgers and fries. we got stuck doing our yearly quota of community service for the hall. fucking blows. actually we did get one trip to dream girls in somehow. the donated labor was in carlsbad. like a mile from the beach. on monday and tuesday a couple of us guys took off to the beach like six or seven times. that was the only plus. we started drinking liqueur mixed with soda. bad idea. i got all dehydrated in the sun waiting for the semi trucks hauling our materials. we got there at 7:00 am monday morning. waited all the way to noon. trucks never came. trucking company says it already left. it's tuesday morning 8:00am. still no trucks. whole lot of nothing going on right now. you have 15 guys standing around doing nothing. i bring dice to school just for occasions like this. by the end of monday i win like 4 bucks or something. tues im up like 20 bucks. haha. some ppl say gambling with indians is playing to lose. lol. the trucks finally come at noon or something. the metal building we were going to put up is going to be for a community boxing gym for neighborhood kids or something. i guess it's a good use of my time. except the the fabricator for the steel fucked us. the guy frank who bought the materials paid in full months before we even showed up. so we stood around for most of the week. i was going to update about some other things but i gotta go pick up my brother. late ppl.

Sat, Apr. 14th, 2007, 12:38 pm
ninjas control your mind

fuck. it's been forever since i posted anything...haha were ordering beer, cigs and calzones from the liquor store. it's called the whispering tree. they deliver pizza, beer and cigs. fucking awesome. i can't believe the place delivers such things. anywho...i'm trying to multi-task. you know beer, eating, chess. not doing too well. at least not right now. i don't like losing. i lost the last two games

i don't even feel like writing....

i just took the longest nap.

i feel so refreshed. i woke up before the sun got up this morning so i felt kinda tired. this morning i went to my roof and watched the sun rise while smoking a cig. it was pretty. it was also pretty cold. lol. it was worth it though.

my phone is almost out of commission. i can only receive incoming calls. my phone is not a rider like i thought. lol. i'm chillin with the homeboys. it's time to go. i spent all day trying to write this but beer and people got in the way. later people. much love to all my peoples i don't ever talk to.

Mon, Dec. 11th, 2006, 10:06 pm

so i wake up super early. i checked my voicemail to see if todd called. he didn't so yeah. no work today. i crash back out and have the weirdest dream. it starts out with me standing outside of a tall fence. there's a school inside with ppl standing around talking. i remember looking up thinking i can climb it. so of course i climb over it. i get over to the other side and some person walks over to me. he starts telling me that i have a whole bunch of blood on my right thigh. i look down and realize my right leg is soaked in blood. i lift up my pants and see a hole about four inches deep in my thigh. it's like cone shaped. i just forget about the wound. no one in my dream notices it. so anyways after that, i end up walking into the building. for some reason i end up walking into the bathroom. i close the door behind me. outside the door jr is pushing an electronic device with a headset under the door. he says listen to it. it will tell me what to do. i feel like a secret agent or something at this point. he pushes it under the door and i get it. for some reason i stick my hands back under the door and wiggle my fingers. i think that was like code for i received the package. lol. so put on the headset. it tells me to meet him at the other side of the school. so i start walking through the school. im about to walk around a corner but i see a commotion. i peek around the corner and see a bunch of kids with a teacher(ms. wadkins my english teach from twain) and another authority figure. so i walk back to another hallway to go around them. when i turn that corner ms. wadkins is right there to tell me to get to class. i think break just ended or something. so she's grabbing me by the arm and starts leading me to class. so i shrug her off and tell you can't touch me your a teacher. then i say real loud i need to take a shit and a piss. after that i go into the bathroom we are just passing. i don't even wait for her reply. i just walk in. this the biggest bathroom i have ever seen. there are like 200 stalls all the way around this huge place. it's completely empty except for two guys cleaning the bathroom. i don't see them. i overhear one of them talk about how fast he cleaned one row of toilets. the other guy says something i don't remember. so i wander around looking around for another door. for some reason i think the middle is a good choice. it's not. i just find a whole bunch of clean urinals. not finding my secret exit i wander towards the wall on the other side. there's a door and it takes me back out to a hallway. now im heading to outside the gates. next thing i know im on the street around the school. let's say where i jumped over the fence is southwest. where jr wants me is on the eastern side. now im on the northeastern street around the school. i could just walk east, then head south down the next street. for some reason i don't want to do that. so i walk north to the next street. then head east then south to the street i supposed to met him on. so i get there. im waiting. a little past the window of the class im supposed to be in. i see a guy right in front of that class. just chillin on a grassy lawn. it's not jr though. then i turn around here comes jr cruising in the burban. he has like 4 or 5 ppl with him. they're all stoned. jr tells me something but i forget what it is. i just remember telling him to watch out for cops. he takes off around the corner. pretty much running over the curb while a cop passes by him. cop keeps rolling. so i turn around walk over to the dude i saw on the lawn. we talk about some stuff i forget. pretty much we are just chillin. then a kid from the class im supposed to be in comes over to us. he says ms. wadkins can see me and to get into class. i did what i supposed to do so i go to class. that's where i wake up. i never remember my dreams. i only remember this one because when i woke up darien and simone were right there and i told them about it. so that's my weird dream.
i just got off the phone with todd. i don't work tomorrow. i guess that means i'm going to dmw. im hungry now. so later.

Sun, Dec. 10th, 2006, 12:27 am
past few days

so thursday i get back from work around 3:30-ish. i was dead tired. i forget what i did the night before. oh yeah now i remember. tim and i help beau unload trailer with three bundles of 60 foot #3's. they were big dealin shit for about an hour. beau didn't really have a way to unload the trailer and we didn't want to pack it off by hand. so we brainstormed for a bit on how he wanted to choke the bundles off to that big tree in his yard. and then pull it off it his truck. so he attaches them and it doesn't work. the load is too heavy and his truck is just diggin itself holes in the dirt. so i tell him dude, just stick like a round metal something underneath the bundles and let it roll off. easier said than done. so me and tim roll back to the house to get the engine hoist. take it back. it takes a while to crib it and get the dunnage under. it works after a while. so im ask beau if what were doing was a prevailing wage job, he says no. i tell him we better be getting so beer out of it. so he get us two 12 packs of heineken. now im down to one 12 pack. stayed up too late that night. lol.
thursday i went to work pretty tired. worked all day chairing stuff and profile bars. oh yeah i ran some cables too. nothing too interesting happened. so i get home and i just fall over and crash out. i take a nice nap. and wake up about an hour later and make some food. i also went to cash my check. bought some comics and went home. i tried making some smores that didn't turn out too well. microwaves are not the greatest for smores. the spaghetti was good though. finished reading the bourne identity. i lost it for a while. that always happens with my book. misplacing things. mostly books. and ppls numbers. and if i first meet you. i might forget your name a couple times. but anyway. i just remember important stuff...and maybe your name. so brodie calls me to tell about the stripper he met in vegas. she supposed to fly him, his brother and maybe me to vegas to watch a ufc fight in feb. i was like pimp shit brodie. he was picking brenden up from rene's pad. i forgot to ask him about my watch. i told him to roll over after he drops b off. he gets to the pad and im like let's get some beer. i left the heineken's at my moms. so we buy a 12 pack. we get back to the pad. crack a couple beers and go outside for a smoke. my only neighbor mike cruises over. we kill the twelve pack while tinkering with my computer. yeah!!! it's fixed now. i can play my chessmaster game. it kicked my ass the first three times so far. fucking bearded guy. so we run out of beer. then my drinking buddy calls me. i think i called her earlier. told her to bring more beer. excuses, excuses. studying for finals or something. she went home. geek, lol. so brodie and i go the liquor store. brodie does a crazy ass turn. right in front of a cop car. i was shit brodie. that was cop and he pulled in right behind us. shit. good thing copper just stared us down and took off. at least thats what brodie said. i went inside to get more beer. lol. i figured if th cop stuck around i'd out with like chips or something. they didn't i came out with beer. by this time it was around 11:00 cause the liquor store was closing. so we take the back streets and make it back to the pad. we kill a few more beers the n mike had to go home. the ball and chain was calling he said. sucky. i hope i don't one of those. so he takes off. brodie and i were in the mood for a bar. so we take off to wild wooley's. it was kinda dead so we were going to take off...until these three ladies walked in. so i walk outside to smoke a cig. apparently they were too. so im chatting with the bouncer for a bit. then i walk over and start conversating. they asked about my red power shirt i was wearing. just shot the shit pretty much. so we walk back inside and my trusty wing swoops in from the flank. haha. by this time brodie and i are on our third drink. the bars closing so we say bye to our new friends. im pretty trashed by now. we make it back and i reheat some spaghetti. eat and pass out. i wake up the next morning 3 minutes before im supposed to be at work. im still drunk. so i think, fuck it, roll over and go back to sleep. thats like one of the only times that happens. i wake up again around 8:30-ish. well actually nicole did. punk. i couldn't go back to sleep for hours. so im up and stuff. so im hungry and hungover. one cure for that. food. so i go downstairs and buy some bacon, orange juice and pancake mix. i end up not making the bacon in favor of a pork chop. it was the perfect hangover cure. so im feeling good and roll over and go back to sleep. i wake hours later and nicole is pestering me about being late. so i roll out of bed and eventually get ready. so my pops drops off nicole and i. so we get there kinda late and everybody was already there. just hang out with ppl. it alright at first. you know. say hi to people and what not. the usual peeps were there. tiff and rae did the whole powwow exhibition thing. the hodson girl's sang which i thought was pretty funny. it's not like they were terrible singers or anything. i just thought it was amusing. charity had on the biggest grin. cami had on an expression of either seriousness or was just squinting to read the page. lol. i can't believe tiff was getting tired after two songs. what a geek. during the dinner stuffed my self. that pizza was good. i don't know if that was g-house status but i liked it. oh yeah cami was like the "no boys for the girls" nazi. haha. these promotion things always get me sleepy near the end. so around 11 i take off with charity, monie, carolina and cerah. we stop at carl's jr then take off up the mountain. so that was about it for the night. i got back to my moms drank a beer. the second didn't count cause i just took a sip and forgot about it. my mom was telling it was a waste.brodie would call it alcohol abuse. so i wake in morning and im supposed work on my car. i didn't. monie spent the night at the hodson's. she was supposed to help my mom sell at the horse camp. so i had to help her. which alright i guess. we stopped at tacos mexico. get breakfast and take off to larry's store. he's not ready with the food yet so i wander around. buy a cup of tea and a piece of cake. every now and then i load something heavy. then we take off to the horsecamp. set up. serve the stuff. it was pretty boring. i just drank a beer and read dragon while they served the food. they got done with that so i loaded the things up and went back to my moms. when we got back. tim and i stared working on the car. we got it started up and running. now tomorrow we just finish connecting the misc. stuff. then it's done. yes. so tonight im just chillin unless something comes up. prolly just finish off the beers with tim. so later ppl.

Tue, Nov. 14th, 2006, 04:43 am
bleh more bleh

man i'm so fucking sick. it sucks a fat one. the worst part is im supposed to be asleep. i gotta be up at 4:30 in the am. bleh. rebar ninja gotta be up early. hopefully i get put on some cake. which i prolly won't. tommy will prolly stick me with that one stupid cat again. hector something. i think he's a journeyman and i know more than him. i was so fucking tired of him on friday. i felt like slapping him. that would be bad for work relations though. everyone else is cool though. erin was askin how things with cami were going. it sucks. i really like her but i seem to be getting the shoulder. i know. thats in total contradiction to my previous posts n stuff. call me an idiot. cause i am sometimes. like i how i blew my whole vacation check in like a week. most of it was on a good cause. just not the $300 i spent on clothes. my car took a crap. it got towed. that cost 310. bought a new engine that i can't put in yet. oh yeah gas on my moms truck. food for the kids cause tim's an idiot. all adds up to money all gone. i need to pay rent on the 15th. i need 500 something for the ps3 on friday. so i ebay that bitch and make like a grand. i just need the fucking capital. well enough ranting for now. i need to sleep.

Tue, Nov. 14th, 2006, 04:23 am
silly poems

can you be afraid
of the unknown
the known
everything in between
the fever burns
slowly inside
soon you don't feel
the hot icicles of emotion
are like numb bullets
fired into your chest
your life trickles out
you don't acknowledge the fall
soon it's too late
the greener grass
knows your tale
the dead it feeds off
always know

a songless tune
nevermore it goes it goes on
cryptic it speaks
a language of pity
the unreturned silence
it screams

try later
the reaper is not home
feel his scythe
attached to your heart
the warmth spills out
hearts know no limits
never give up
there is always hope
hope for something
thats already gone
the noose tightens
it has your name

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